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Hearing disorders

Councils often receive noise complaints from people who are disturbed by noise. When Officers investigate, no noise can be heard and it is found that the complainant has been suffering with tinnitus.

Tinnitus is the name given to the condition of noises 'in the ears' and/or 'in the head' with no external source. Tinnitus noises are described variously as ringing, whistling, buzzing, drumming and humming.

Where to find help

Further advice on tinnitus can be obtained from the British Tinnitus Association website below.

The Deafness Support Network (DSN) can provide a range of advice, information and assistive technology to reduce, or overcome any difficulties you may be having with your hearing. Equipment may include TV-aids, adapted telephones, flashing light doorbells, or specialist smoke alarms, which will enable you to maintain your lifestyle and independence.

DSN staff can visit you in your own home, or arrange an appointment at one of their Offices if you prefer, provide an assessment, advice and if required, equipment. There is no charge for this service and nor is there any charge for equipment provided.

DSN has offices in Chester, Warrington and Northwich. Further advice can be obtained from their website below.

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