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How to approach a noisy neighbour or business

Please contact your neighbour first, providing it is safe to do so.

Tips on speaking to a noisy neighbour or business

  • remain polite and calm at all times, raising your voice or behaving in a threatening manner will aggravate the situation and is best avoided.
  • explain to them what’s disturbing you and your family and tell them how and when you are being disturbed.
  • invite them into your home to witness the disturbance so they can hear it for themselves (if it is safe to do so).
  • remember that you are trying to find a solution for the future that both you and your neighbours can live with.
  • do not put too much of your efforts into raising problems of the past.

Template letters

If you are not comfortable speaking face to face we have included some letter templates that may help:

Where to find help

If you are genuinely unable to approach the person or business responsible for the noise, please contact us.

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