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The noise app

The Noise App logoThe Council also recognises that noise nuisance can occur at any time of the day or night, and whilst you are completing the record sheets the noise is ongoing and still disturbing you. 

However, using the free RH Environmental Noise Nuisance App you can gather your own evidence of noise nuisance; within seconds you are able to make audio recordings of the noise (up to 30 seconds) and enter details about the nature of the disturbance, that make up an electronic noise diary. This can then be easily shared with the Council to support your complaint. The audio clips are unlikely to be sufficient on their own to determine if the noise is a statutory nuisance, but can be very helpful in deciding your priority level, and helping your complaint progress quickly.  The app is available on Android or iPhone:

Please note that to comply with Human Rights legislation it is important when recording audio evidence of noise; just try to capture evidence of the noise nuisance. You must be reasonable and not intrusive - do not snoop on neighbours or their family.  When registering to use The Noise App, users are requested to activate the GPS location feature on their smartphone.  This enables the recording location to be validated for each recording when using the App.

When submitting a noise report for the first time, the user will be prompted to manually confirm their location details.  Users will be required to do this once only unless using the App to report noise affecting a different location. The GPS location feature on the smartphone will validate the address entered as the recording location. If GPS location is not enabled, the User will be given the option before they submit their report to activate GPS location and validate their location.

If a user decides not to enable GPS location their reports will be flagged on the Noise App database as recording location not validated and the user will be made aware of this. Users submitting several reports from the same location eg. home, will not have to re-enter their address data after the first instance.

Terms and conditions

It is important that before using the app you read the terms and conditions, and are happy to agree to them.  A copy of these conditions is shown below for your information:

  • That you or anyone you allow to use this App is the User and you agree to use it responsibly. This includes following any guidelines your service provided you with and:
  • The User of the App (the User) will only use the App for the purpose of recording noise that they reasonably consider to be a nuisance and which infringes the their right to quiet and peaceful enjoyment of their premises or property or their general wellbeing.
  • That the User will only use the App to record noise that is clearly audible in their premises and at times that are unreasonable.
  • That the User will use the App in a reasonable manner and will not use the App outside his/her premises or in a way that intrudes into another person's premises or dwelling.
  • That the User will use the App in a way that is consistent with purely obtaining evidence of a noise nuisance, or of conduct capable of causing nuisance or annoyance, or causing harassment alarm or distress, and in a way that will facilitate the use of the information as part of legal proceedings or in asserting their legal rights.
  • The User will not use the App to threaten or harass anyone or use or improperly for unlawful purposes.
  • That the User will not tamper with, falsify or enhance any noise recording made using the App, or use it in a way that is incompatible the use of the App other than as a means of recording noise with a view to using it as evidence in legal proceedings or in asserting their legal rights.
  • That the User will respect the rights of others and not use the App to record sensitive or personal matters unless they are clearly audible in the Users premises at an unacceptable volume.
  • That the User will immediately upload the recorded information using the appropriate procedures, and not interfere with or use the information thereafter unless as part of legal proceedings or in asserting their legal rights.
  • That the User will agree to co-operate and assist in any legal or other action taken by the Licensee or their agents, including appearing in a court of law as a witness.

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