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Pest control

If you are having a problem with pests you can arrange a visit, our officers have years of experience and are trained to a high standard. We work Monday to Friday and can treat and remove a variety of pests.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information

Our pest control officers are continuing to carry out pest control appointments and services.

We will continue to work in a COVID-secure way, to wear face coverings and socially distance where appropriate.

On booking your appointment you will be asked if there are currently any instances of COVID-19 infections at the property or if anyone in the household is self-isolating.

Pest typeCostFurther information
Mice and rats £40 The price includes up to three visits in one calendar month
Wasps £65 Treatment of the nest, this includes different nests at the same property. We do not provide an out of hours service for wasps.
Wasps - dead nests £25 Removal of dead nest
Bees £65 Removal guaranteed until the end of the season. If the bee is the non-stinging type we try not to treat them. We do not provide an out of hours service for wasps. If they are honey bees we recommend that you speak to a bee keeper. You can find more about bees on The British Beekeepers Association website.
Ants £65 This treatment has a three month warranty.
Cockroaches and hornets £65 This price covers the treatment, there is no warranty.
Moles £65 The price includes up to two visits.
Nuisance pests £96 Pests like bed bugs beetles, cluster flies, flies and fleas, Psocids and Silverfish. Treatment for these type of pests has a one month guarantee.
Pigeons £25 We can advise on treatment in regards to this. An officer may be able to spike the area where you are having issues. The £25 cost is for a survey visit.
Squirrels £65 This price covers the treatment and the catch of one squirrel, any additional catches are charged at £5 each. There is no warranty.

What if I don't know what pest it is?

You can request a survey and this will cost £25. If you have paid for a survey and then treatment is needed the cost of the survey is deducted from the cost. For example you have paid £25 for a survey for ants, treatment is required, so you would need to pay £40.

How to book an appointment

There are two ways of contacting us. Please call us on 0300 123 7038 or alternatively please complete a call back request form and we will call you back at your convenience. Please note that we will need to take payment at the time of booking.

Request a call back

What happens next?

We will visit at the agreed time period (morning or afternoon) to look at the infestation and carry out the treatment if needed. We might need to come back for a return visit. We will let you know if this is needed at the time of treatment.

How many visits will I get?

For rats and mice you get three visits from the pest control officer within one calendar month. For wasps you get free revisits until the end of the calendar year, including different nests at the same property. For all other pests you get one visit which is guaranteed for a month.

What happens if the pest is treated but it returns?

For pests that have a warranty, this means that if the problem returns during the warranty period the pest control officer will return and treat the pest without further cost.

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