Apply for planning permission

Before you apply for planning permission, have you:

How to apply

For the majority of applications, you can apply using the Planning Portal.

Planning Portal is a service to submit planning applications electronically. Registration is easy and you can complete your application form, upload supporting documents and pay fees.


Download application forms

If you are unable to apply online, this facility allows paper application forms for any application type to be downloaded for submission to us on paper if required. As not all application types can be applied for online, the planning portal provides a list of applications for which the online service is not yet available.

Planning fees

The easiest way to find the fee for an application is to use the Planning Portal fee calculator.

Building on or over neighbouring land

If part or all of your proposal will be carried out on or over owned by someone else (for example, by the eaves or guttering overhanging a boundary, or a new driveway across the pavement) you may not be able to proceed without your neighbour's agreement, even if you have planning permission. For your planning application to be valid you must notify your neighbour using the notice to owners form.

Giving notice form

You should also consider whether your proposal will be subject to the provisions of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 but this will not affect your planning application. More information on this can be found on the Party walls and building work pages on GOV.UK

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a planning charge on new housing and retail development that can be used by the local authority to help deliver infrastructure to support development in the area. It is a fixed, non-negotiable charge related to the size and type of chargeable development.

The CIL will affect residential developments that create new dwelling houses or additional floor space 100 square metres or over in Chester and the rural area and A1 retail space at Sealand Road, Chester and Cheshire Oaks, Ellesmere Port.

You can find more information on our CIL page.

Pay for a planning application

Pay for an application