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Street naming and numbering


The address of a property is important. Many services including postal and emergency services rely on address data being accurate in order to locate properties.

We are responsible for the addressing of properties but Royal Mail allocate postcodes. We work with them when a new postcode is required and they will only issue one upon our request. If you have a question about your postcode you can visit the Royal Mail website for more information.

How much does it cost?

For existing properties or streets:

  • house name change: £66
  • rename of street where requested by residents: £112 plus £36 per property

New properties

For new dwelling units (excluding flats) all plots on:

  • 1 road - £142
  • 2 roads - £310
  • 3 to 5 roads - £712
  • 6 to 8 roads - £966
  • additional roads over 8 roads - £112 per road.

Commercial units, allocation of addresses to new flats and units created by conversion

  • 1 unit - £106
  • Every unit over one unit an additional: £14

How do I apply?

Please ensure that your property falls within the borough. You can check which local council your property falls under on the Gov.UK website.

Apply for Street Naming and Numbering

What happens next?

We aim to:

  • complete all applications within five working days for property name changes
  • complete all applications within 10 working days for naming and numbering of new properties on existing streets
  • approve suggested street names within 28 days of receiving payment. We will then complete the application for naming the properties within 10 working days from receiving the postcodes from Royal Mail.

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