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Trees and hedges

This section of the website is about trees, woods, hedges and green infrastructure (the network of open space, woodlands, wildlife habitat, parks and other natural areas that surround, pass through and link cities, towns and villages sustaining clean air, water, and natural resources and enriching the lives of residents and visitors).

If you require help you can contact us in the following ways. In order that your enquiry is dealt with promptly, please ensure you forward this to the correct team.

If your query relates to the following, please follow the links below:

If you have any further enquiries about the above topics, then please contact us. Please note this email address should only be used to ascertain information relating to a Tree Preservation Order only.

If your query relates to:

  • council owned trees including those in highway verges, public parks and open spaces or other Council properties (not including social housing)
  • complaints regarding high hedges

Then please contact:

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