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Hedges that we own and maintain are cut according to the plant species and location. Seasonal hedge cutting takes place from September through to March. This is due to local wildlife and nesting seasons.

Seasonal hedge cutting

During our programme we will cut hedges which are on the public highway, in and around park areas and public footpaths. These will be cut back to one growing seasons growth. If we haven't been this could be due to the weather conditions at the time.

What we do

It is a requirement to keep pathways and lines of sight clear of obstructions and to make sure it's safe for the public. This means we need to undertake hedge cutting and shrub pruning outside of the seasonal programme.

Before we start any work, the extent of the hazard is assessed and risk assessments are undertaken. Measures are also taken to identify any wildlife impact this may cause. This is usually done within 10 working days.

Privately owned hedges

If there is a hedge on private property overhanging a public road or footpath, it is the landowners responsibility to maintain it.

If there is an area where this hasn't happened, please contact the landowner and ask them to take action. If they do not do this within a reasonable timescale then you can report it to us.

If the land owner does not take action, we have the authority to cut back and charge. This can take six months to action.

Report an overgrown hedge

I've already reported an issue

You can check the progress of the report using our status checker. You can also use this to provide an update.