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Litter and bins

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We are responsible for ensuring our roads, pavements and public land are kept as clean as possible. We clear litter from parks, streets, playgrounds and some shopping centres.

How long will it take for it to be cleared?

We aim to empty most bins on a daily, weekly or monthly basis based on the usage and footfall.

QR codes

We have added scannable codes on to our bins which allows you to tell us if they are full. It will also tell you when they are next due to be emptied.

Report an overflowing or full bin, or litter

I've already reported an issue

You can check the progress of the report using our status checker, you can also use this to provide an update.

Winsford town park

We are not responsible for the cleaning of Winsford town park. The responsibility for the park is with Winsford Town Council. To report any problems with the park you can contact them in the following ways:

How you can help

Most neighbourhoods around west Cheshire have set up their own volunteer littler picking groups. You can loan equipment and let us know when and where you will be leaving the bagged rubbish and we will collect.

Community litter picking