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Pink poo tool kit

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The following step-by-step guide has been developed to assist any persons or groups within a community wishing to carry out a 'Pink Poo' campaign to tackle dog fouling problems in a specific area.


The aim of the campaign is for local communities to highlight exactly how bad the problem of dog fouling is in a particular area and to embarrass irresponsible dog owners by spraying sighted incidents of dog fouling with pink paint. If everyone can see how bad the problem is then dog owners should be encouraged to pick up the poo and not leave it behind in the future.


  • identify who will take part/volunteers to carry out spraying and recording.
  • register your interest with us by emailing: at least two weeks in advance of your proposed start date.

The purpose of registering your interest is to ensure that we can meet the needs of your campaign. This should include the following information:

  • nominated person as a point of contact and their details (address, phone number and email)
  • proposed start and finish dates (maximum of four weeks)
  • locations to be targeted (street names, parks, open spaces etc.)

Await confirmation that the we can support your campaign, acknowledgment will be sent within five working days.

Once you receive confirmation obtain some chalk-based temporary-marking pink spray paint. A search of 'chalk spray non-marking paint eco-friendly' will produce several sources to purchase the paint. Please note that the paint must be non-marking and chalk-based. Other types of paint are likely to permanently mark the highway and cause damage.

  • ensure that all participants follow the instructions on the spray can and are made fully aware of the contents of the risk assessment.
  • organise who will spray which streets/areas to avoid duplication and agree a day to begin spraying. (all volunteers should spray on the same day so the clean-up can be co-ordinated and recorded)
  • good dog ownership leaflets and postcards should be distributed to all properties within the target area at least two days before spraying begins and record on the form (form 3) each road or street that has received leaflets avoiding any duplication. These will be provided upon confirmation that we can support your campaign.
  • on your agreed date spray paint onto individual dog faeces on public land only
  • the person spraying, should record the location, dates of spraying and the amounts they have sprayed on the form provided (form 1).
  • the sprayed faeces should then be reported by the nominated contact for removal
  • we will remove it within 48 hours of reporting.
  • when the campaign is completed the nominated person should complete and send the Summary Record Sheet (form 2) provided to: so that we can monitor the success of the campaign
  • allow one week following the first day of spraying then carry out another day of spraying and counting following the procedure outlined above.

Example timetable



Saturday and Sunday

Leaflet distribution


Spray and report locations and amounts to the nominated contact


Removed by StreetCare

Thursday to Sunday

Allow time for more fouling and issue leaflets/postcards as required

Continue for four weeks maximum