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Flood risk management

As the Lead Local Flood Authority, we are responsible for managing flood risk from surface water, ground water, and ordinary watercourses and hold regulatory powers in relation to flood risk management. An ordinary watercourse is any watercourse that is not classed as main river by the Environment Agency.

To tackle flood risk in an integrated way across the region, we are a member of the Cheshire Mid-Mersey local authority partnership.

Flood risk management strategy

The Flood Risk Management Strategy is our statement of intent as to how we will manage flood risk across the borough. The actions detailed in this strategy will ensure that if and when flooding occurs, we are as prepared as we reasonably can be.

The local strategy will help to ensure that we can work together with the Environment Agency, Welsh Water, Dee Valley Water, United Utilities and other partners to help protect homes, businesses and other infrastructure across the borough from flooding, whilst ensuring all other relevant considerations are taken into account.

It will consider how we can help to manage the risk of flooding. It will require cooperation from all public agencies, businesses and households.

Planning and development decisions

We have a statutory duty to take account of flood risk during the planning and development process. We do this by considering:

Land drainage consent

Where you need to carry out any works that may affect the flow of an ordinary watercourse you will require land drainage consent from us. An ordinary watercourse is any channel of water that is not classed as main river. This is necessary under The Land Drainage Act 1991 so that we can ensure your planned work will not increase flood risk to the local area.

The fee for land drainage consent is £50 per structure or piece of work. Please ensure that you apply for land drainage consent at least eight weeks before you plan to start the work. We can fine you if you start work before gaining consent. 

Apply (PDF, 50KB)