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Appendix 2: Stakeholder summary - Helsby and Frodsham scheme

Cabinet member / local elected members / MP

  • anticipated role/interest: political ownership of project and active role in leading / supporting engagement with local communities. Engagement with locally elected representatives provides an opportunity to capture local perceptions, concerns and suggestions for the project to maximise the support and potential benefits.
  • communications approach: briefings and feedback sessions

Frodsham Town Council / Helsby Parish Council

  • anticipated role/interest: with the improvements located within Frodsham and Helsby engagement with the respective town and parish councils will be critical as well as identifying opportunities for interdependencies with other projects
  • communications approach: direct email, briefings and feedback sessions

Local community groups

  • anticipated role/interest: various groups and interests including; Places of Worship, Frodsham Transition Initiative, Root Network, Weaver and Sandstone Cycle Group, Retail Groups, Mid Cheshire Footpath Society, Cycle North Cheshire
  • communications approach: direct email

Local schools

  • anticipated role/interest: building on sustainable / safer routes to school initiatives
  • communications approach: direct email

Local residents

  • anticipated role/interest: see above
  • communications approach: in addition to the above: website, local and social media, newsletter and leaflets

Local businesses

  • anticipated role/interest: various businesses located within the scheme extents
  • communications approach: direct email

Road users

  • anticipated role/interest: interested in resultant changes to infrastructure and impact on journeys
  • communications approach: website, local and social media, information signs