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Appendix 3: Stakeholder summary - Northwich schemes

Cabinet member / local elected members / MP

  • anticipated role/interest: political ownership of project and active role in leading / supporting engagement with local communities. Engagement with locally elected representatives provides an opportunity to capture local perceptions, concerns and suggestions for the project to maximise the support and potential benefits.
  • communications approach: briefings and feedback sessions

Town and parish councils

  • anticipated role/interest: engagement with Northwich Town Council, Hartford Parish Council, Rudheath Parish Council, Davenham Parish Council, Barnton Parish Council, Weaverham Parish Council, Wincham Parish Council, Little Leigh Parish Council and Moulton Parish Council will ensure the projects have synergies with the aspirations for the local area and address the issues and opportunities perceived by local residents as well as identifying opportunities for interdependencies with other projects
  • communications approach: direct email, briefings and feedback sessions

Canal and River Trust

  • anticipated role/interest: assessment of impact of schemes on town centre swing bridges
  • communications approach: direct email

Mid-Cheshire development board

  • anticipated role/interest: this board is an independent, informal board created by the local authorities in Cheshire West and Chester and Cheshire East. The board supports the implementation of economic growth activity with a remit to plan, coordinate and deliver a programme of development.
  • communications approach: briefings

Business Improvement Districts

  • anticipated role/interest: there are two BIDs in the local area (Northwich town centre and Gadbrook Park) who will have a view on the proposals and will be able to share the proposals with their members
  • communications approach: direct email via Groundwork Cheshire

Local businesses including Northwich Independent Retailers group

  • anticipated role/interest: engagement with local businesses will manage any impacts, including those during construction, and could also be used to promote use of the new facilities amongst their employees and visitors
  • communications approach: direct email

Local schools

  • anticipated role/interest: building on sustainable / safer routes to school initiatives
  • communications approach: direct email

Voluntary sector groups

  • anticipated role/interest: various interest groups - seeking support and endorsement for the proposals
  • communications approach: direct email

Local residents

  • anticipated role/interest: see above
  • communications approach: see above

Road users

  • anticipated role/interest: interested in resultant changes to infrastructure and impact on journeys
  • communications approach: website, local and social media, information signs