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Dealing with responses to consultations

Continuous community involvement in the development of active travel schemes is a key requirement. Due to the ongoing nature of consultation, it is important that all responses received during a consultation are handled and recorded properly. We will therefore take the following steps:

Acknowledgement of responses

Anyone who submits a response at any stage in the development of emergency active travel schemes will be included on the consultation database and will automatically be kept informed at all subsequent stages of the process unless they request otherwise.

Reporting the responses

For the development of active travel schemes we will produce a statement of consultation describing the consultation that has been carried out. The statement of consultation will set out who was invited to be involved in the schemes preparation and how they were invited to be involved. It will provide a summary of the main issues raised and how they have been addressed. This statement will then be published along with other relevant supporting documents.

Copies of all relevant reports and minutes of meetings will be made publicly available on our website.