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Scaffolding licences

What is a scaffold and hoarding licence?

If you need to put scaffolding on a footpath, road or verge maintained by us you will need a licence.

It allows us to:

  • ensure that the scaffolding is erected in accordance with health and safety legislation
  • be aware of the scaffolding so members of the public can be notified
  • ensure that the safety of the public and operatives working in and around the area on the public highway are protected at all times

Applications to erect a hoarding around a building site next to the highway are included within the application form. It is the responsibility of the qualified contractor who is doing the works to apply for and obtain a licence.


A licence only covers one structure and it cannot be issued for both scaffolding and hoarding. If you need scaffolding and hoarding you will need separate licences for both. If you need two separate scaffolds at the same location, two licences will be required.

You may need a traffic management plan and potentially a temporary traffic regulation order, if this is likely to cause an obstruction to a public highway/road, road closure or obstruct parking spaces. You also need to determine whether listed building consent is required.

We work closely with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). If it is identified that there is a potential issue with the safety of the structure, either during erection, dismantling or use. The matter will be brought to the attention of the HSE.

It is an offence under section 169 part 5 of the Highways Act to place scaffolding/hoarding before the permitted start date. It is advised that you read and understand our scaffold protocol (PDF, 1.15MB) before proceeding with your application.

How do I apply?

Once the relevant permissions, plans, orders and insurances are in place you can apply for your licence.

You will need the following before you can submit your application:

  • a completed a risk assessment including a design plan and tie methods
  • a traffic management plan (where applicable)
  • a temporary traffic regulation order (where applicable)
  • evidence of qualifications for signing, lighting and guarding (where applicable)
  • evidence of listed building consent (where applicable)
  • Public Liability Insurance details
  • your original licence reference details (if you are requesting an extension)

How much does it cost and what happens next?

A licence costs £214 which covers the first week. To extend your licence there is a charge of £51 for each additional week.

Applications must be submitted a minimum of 10 working days before the licence is required. If anything is missing we will contact you, a licence will be issued within 10 days of all necessary paperwork being received. If you make a payment and your licence is refused, you will be issued with a refund withing 10 working days of receiving the decision.

How to request an extension to a licence

As long as your licence hasn’t expired, you can apply for an extension. You will need your original licence reference details and must apply a minimum of 5 working days before it is due to expire. If your licence expires within 5 working days you will not be able to apply for an extension and will be required to apply for a new licence.