Street furniture licence

What is a street furniture licence?

Town or Parish Councils or commercial organisations can apply for permission to place street furniture, planters, benches, monuments, trees, planting, and other objects on highway land. If you are a member of the public then you should contact your Town or Parish Council in the first instance.

You must have permission before items are placed on the highway so that we can ensure that these do not cause an obstruction, interfere with visibility or any other companies or agencies who need to carry out any works on the highway.

Licence responsibilities, conditions and permissions

Before applying it is important to note the following conditions:

  • once a licence is issued, the licence holder will be responsible for the purchase, installation and ongoing maintenance of the street furniture
  • the applicant will be responsible for installing the street furniture using an approved New Roads and Street Works (NRSWA) accredited contractor
  • there may be further conditions set as part of the licence depending on location, size, type, construction and whether the furniture is permanent or temporary
  • all details relating to the design, materials, construction and siting of the item must be agreed before work commences
  • we reserve the right to revoke the licence and remove any item covered by that licence at any time
  • the licence holder will be required to provide evidence of adequate Public Liability Insurance to cover up to £5,000,000.
  • Some items may require Planning Permission, find out before you apply.

How much does it cost and what do I need?

There is no cost for a Iicence. You will need the following before you can successfully submit your application:

  • public liability insurance details
  • evidence of the relevant Planning Permission (where applicable)
  • accurate details of proposed location, size, type, construction and whether the furniture is temporary or permanent

Once your application has been successfully submitted our Highways team will aim to assess the application within five working days and provide an update.