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Temporary road signs

What is a temporary licence?

A licence is required to erect a temporary event or housing development sign on the highway. The signs are typically yellow and black in colour and should only be used for road safety and traffic management purposes. Any organisation holding an event should contact a recognised traffic management company, who will apply on their behalf.

Responsibilities, conditions and permissions

Before applying it is important to note the following conditions:

  • it is illegal to erect any unauthorised signs, posters or adverts
  • if you do not have approval to erect a temporary sign, we will arrange for them to be removed
  • you must provide a minimum of five days’ notice.
  • the traffic management company shall only erect the signs approved as part of the application
  • the traffic management company will be required to provide evidence of adequate Public Liability Insurance to cover up to £5,000,000. 
  • they should not be used as a form of advertising or as a promotion for the events
  • they should provide clear directions and help to reduce congestion
  • all signs must be maintained in a safe and readable condition for the duration of the licence
  • you can apply for a maximum duration of six months
  • you will need to apply for a new licence to continue to display a sign beyond the initially approved six month period
  • you must provide a minimum of five working days’ notice before your licence expires to continue to display your sign
  • if you no longer require a sign to be displayed you must remove it by the expiry date

How to apply

Organisation and traffic management company representatives can apply by completing the online application form. If you need to apply for a brown tourist sign, this is a different process.


How much does it cost and what do I need?

There is no charge for a licence.  You will need the following before you can successfully submit your application:

  • public liability insurance details
  • detailed location plan showing the proposed positions of the sign(s)
  • detailed sign schedule for each sign which you wish to erect
  • dates for when it will be displayed between

Once your application has been successfully submitted and we have all the information required, your licence will normally be issued within five working days’.

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