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Verge marker posts

What is a verge marker post?

Grass verges next to roads can often become overridden by drivers, resulting in damaged and unsightly areas.

It can not only reduce the verge to an unsightly state, but it can obstruct the highway preventing pedestrians and wheel chair users from accessing roads and footways. Verge parking can also cause a hazard to other motorists especially if the vehicle is parked on a bend, narrow road or junction.

Sometimes residents place rocks or other unsuitable objects on the verge to deter vehicles from parking there but these are unauthorised and residents would be liable for any damage or injury to others.

You can make a request for posts to be installed to protect the grass verge in front of your property. They are small white plastic posts which have been found to be effective in deterring drivers from parking.

Conditions and permissions 

  • marker posts are only installed outside of residents properties and where there is existing damage to grass verges
  • the maximum width of the verge that you can apply to protect is 12 metres
  • the amount of posts that will be installed is calculated based on the width of the verge that you would like to protect.
  • posts are required every 1.5 metres, we will normally approve between two and four posts. Any more than this would need to be assessed on a site-by-site basis.

How do I apply?

You will need the following before you can submit your application:

  • a location plan
  • length of the verge


How much do they cost and what happens next?

The cost of installation depends on the number of marker posts required:

 2 marker posts  £74.36                                                            
 3 marker posts  £81.86
 4 marker posts  £89.36
 5 marker posts  £116.64
 6 marker posts  £124.14
 7 marker posts  £131.64
 8 marker posts  £139.14
 9 marker posts  £146.64

Once your application has been submitted and we have all the information required to process your application, a decision will be issued to you in around five working days. If anything is missing we will contact you. If you make a payment and your application is refused, you will be issued with a refund within 10 working days of receiving the decision.

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