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Park and Ride

It is simple and easy to use our Park and Ride service for a hassle-free journey into Chester city centre. Parking at our Park and Ride sites is free and you will only have to pay for a ticket if you wish to use the bus service.

Your ticket is valid all day. You can hop on and off the bus as many times as you like, meaning you can spend as much time in Chester as you need. More information can be found on our tickets page.

How to buy your Park and Ride tickets?

You can either pay the driver using contactless payment, or purchase tickets using the ticket machines located at each Park and Ride site. Further detail on our tickets page. 

Report a fault with a park and ride machine

Report a fault

Where should I park?

We have three dedicated car parks currently in operation (Sealand Road remains closed for the time being). Make sure you park in the right car park according to the service you will be getting. You can find all the information about where to park online.


Using our Park and Ride service offers many benefits:

  • Low cost: our low fares mean that Park and Ride is one of the most cost effective forms of transport into the city centre. 
  • Faster journey: dedicated bus lanes and fewer stops than local buses mean quicker access to the centre of the city.
  • Be green: using Park and Ride keeps cars out of the city centre meaning improved air quality and faster journeys for everyone. All our buses have the latest low emission engines too. 

All our buses offer:

  • Free wifi
  • USB charging
  • Premium quality seats which allows you to work on the go in a comfortable environment

Disabled access

We aim to offer a high standard to all our customers and welcome wheelchair users. If you have a question about mobility scooter access please contact Stagecoach our bus provider.

Can I leave my vehicle overnight at the Park and Ride sites?

We do not advise overnight stays at the park and ride sites as they are not secure. The sites are not locked overnight, and there is no overnight supervision so vehicles left there would be at your own risk.

The Little Roodee car park has secure overnight parking.

What if I lose something on the bus?

If you lose something on one of our buses don't worry. You can contact our provider Stagecoach and they will help you with your enquiry.

Can I take my dog on the bus?

One accompanied, well-behaved dog or other small animal that will not be a danger to the customers or staff is allowed on the bus. It is up to the driver to make the decision.

General enquiry

General enquiry

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