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Concessionary travel frequently asked questions

Where can I find information on bus services?

You can find this information on our timetables section of the website.

I am visiting Cheshire West and Chester, can I still get free transport?

Yes, if your bus pass was issued by another English authority you will be entitled to the following concessions on local bus services:

  • Monday - Friday,  9.30am - 11pm
  • At all times, on a Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays.
Please note: Travel into Wales is only available to Cheshire residents/passholders.

Am I eligible for a disabled bus pass?

You will qualify if you are in receipt of any of the below benefits:

  • Higher rate mobility component of Disability living allowance (DLA) - We will need to see your award notice or excise duty exemption certificate.
  • A score of 8 points or more under the 'Moving around' activity of the mobility component of Personal independence payment (PIP) - We will need to see your award notice.

Please note

Your award letter must confirm that you are expected to receive the benefit for a minimum of 12 months from the date of your application for a bus pass.

  • War pensioner's mobility supplement - We need to see your award letter from the Service personnel and veterans agency.
  • If you are a blue badge holder we need to see a copy of this showing your serial number and expiry date.

If you are not in receipt of the above benefits but your circumstances are the following, then you will still qualify:

  • Blind or partially sighted - We will need to see a certificate of vision impairment (CVI) or a confirmation from you visual impairment team.
  • Profoundly or severely deaf - We need confirmation of your condition from a specialist agency or charity or an audiological report showing a hearing level of 70 decibels or worse. 
  • Without speech - Confirmation of your condition from a specialist agency or charity providing services for people without speech.
  • A disability or injury which has a long term effect on walking - Proof of disability, e.g. Your Personal independence payment (PIP) or Disability living allowance (DLA) award letter.
  • Do not have arms or has a long term loss of the use of both arms - Proof of disability, e.g. Your Personal independence payment (PIP) or Disability living allowance (DLA) award letter.
  • A learning disability, which includes impairment of intelligence and social functioning - Confirmation of your condition from a specialist agency or charity providing services for people with learning disabilities, Headed letter from day hospitals or institutions or a education health and care plan.
  • Unable to have a driving licence due to disability - A letter from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) confirming refusal of your application under section 92 physical fitness, a completed declaration from your key worker in the assertive outreach team or a supporting letter from a specialist agency or charity confirming your primary diagnosis precludes you from holding a licence to drive a motor vehicle.
    Please note: Eligibility under this category will be considered on the grounds of physical fitness regardless of age and anyone who has been refused a driving licence, or is likely to be refused a driving licence through a persistent misuse of drugs or alcohol, will not qualify for a national bus pass

If you are unable to provide any accepted forms of evidence you will need to request a declaration form, which, following completion would be sent to your doctor/consultant to verify. These forms are only issued once all other options have been exhausted. A member of staff may want to discuss your application with you further at this point. 

I have found a bus pass

If you find a bus pass, please return it to one of our offices or Concessionary Travel, 4 Civic Way, Ellesmere Port, CH65 0BE

Why can't I use my pass on the Park and Ride?

These services are not registered local bus services, they are known as 'premium services'. The difference being that they only stop at a small number of designated stops and no fares are taken on the buses. 

What travel concessions are available to residents of Cheshire West and Chester?

The English National Concessionary Bus pass for Disabled and Older Persons. Senior Railcard and Disabled Persons Railcards are also available.

My disabled bus pass is due to expire in 10 weeks, how do I renew it?

Permanently disabled - you will automatically receive a renewal letter approximately 8 weeks before the expiry date. A letter will explain how to renew with an option to do this via the web portal using a unique renewal code.

Non-permanently disabled - you will automatically receive a renewal letter approximately 8 weeks before the expiry date. The letter will explain how to renew and include an evidence sheet which details the various categories of evidence required to support the disabled application.

My child is disabled, are they entitled to a bus pass? 

Please visit the disabled persons bus pass page to see if they would qualify.

Where can I use my Disabled Persons' Railcard and what do I pay?

Disabled Persons Railcards are valid for 12 months from the date of issue and entitles the holder to 1/3 off most fares throughout Great Britain. If you're travelling with an adult companion they can also get the same discount and this will apply to:

  • Off-peak day singles and returns
  • Anytime day singles and returns
  • Anytime singles and returns
  • Off-peak
  • First class anytime day singles and returns
  • First class anytime singles and returns

Furthur information can be found at the Disabled Persons' Railcard website:

Is a child eligible for a Disabled persons railcard?

5 to 15 year olds who have a disability matching the eligibility criteria also qualify for a disabled railcard. This enables them to pay the usual child fare but also gives 1/3 off most fares to one adult travelling them.

How do I renew my Disabled Person's Railcard?

If you have received a disabled persons' railcard from the Council in the past, you should receive a renewal letter at the beginning of the month before your current railcard is due to expire.

The renewal letter should be returned to any Council office listed on the Concessionary Travel homepage:

If you have not received a renewal letter please contact the Concessionary Travel Team:

  • Telephone: 0300 123 7025

How do I get a replacement Railcard?

If your railcard has been lost or stolen you will need to contect the Senior Railcard Team who are part of National Rail:

I have recently moved into the borough, I have a bus pass that is still in date that was issued by another council. Do I need to make a new application or can I carry on using my current pass until it expires? 

No, you need to advise previous issuing authority that you have moved away so they can update your record. You will need to make a new application with us and provide evidence of your new residence. You will not be entitled to any local concessions if you don't make a new application, e.g. free travel across the border into Wales when boarding in Cheshire West as one continual journey. 

Pass holders used to be able to trade in their bus pass for taxi vouchers, why is this no longer an option?

This used to be an additional local concession but funding has been withdrawn to support this.

Are there any services I can't go on with my bus pass?

Services exempt are: Coaches, bus services that run for less than 6 weeks, tourist excursion and sight seeing buses, rail replacement services, bus services where the fare charged by the operator has a special amenity element, Express bus services such as National Express, Night buses, Trains, trams, ferries, metro-link or underground and Park & Ride services. Please read our terms and conditions.

Residents of Merseyside can apply for a concessionary pass at the age of 60, why can't Cheshire West residents?

Merseyside fund this local concession for their residents. We follow the National Scheme.

Published particulars

The published particulars of the Cheshire consortium bus operator reimbursement scheme is the detailed agreed scheme between the Council and bus operators for the operation of the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme in Cheshire West and Chester.

Fair processing note

Fair processing note – this is the note that shows that there is fair processing of bus operator reimbursement claims.

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