Community Speed Management

    Road Safe

    A community-based ‘pledge’ that seeks to inform residents about inappropriate driving behaviour and invites them to sign up to a pledge not to exceed speed limits.

    Speed Indicator Device (SID) deployment

    An informal speed management device operated by volunteers and initiated by an identified community group.

    Community Speed Watch

    An informal speed management process involving the use of speed guns at the roadside. Volunteers are trained and supported by either the Police, PCSOs or Safety Wardens. Vehicle details of those exceeding the relevant speed limit are recorded with drivers receiving warning letters.

    The following options will not normally be carried out unless steps two and three have been carried out by community groups. Options four and five are subject to agreement with Cheshire Police.

    Mobile enforcement

    The deployment of mobile speed enforcement cameras; speeding drivers will face prosecution.

    Driver engagement day

    Co-ordinated by the Fire and Rescue Service with Cheshire Police and council staff. Stopped drivers are given an option to participate in education or receive a Fixed Penalty Notice.

    Local Highway Scheme

    Evidence gathered through this process or evidence of high collision or injury rates may result in development of a local highway scheme to address any issues identified.