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Road safety information for drivers

Drivers under 25 years old make up a high proportion of road casualties. This page provides information about the courses available from Cheshire West and Chester Council and other organisations aimed at educating young drivers.

Where to find help

Child car seats

Make sure your child is sitting safely - view the free guide to in-car child safety online:

Advanced driving

Chester and Nantwich advanced drivers banner

Chester and Nantwich advanced driver in an assessment car

Our Road Safety team supports CaNAD to provide young drivers in our area with the opportunity to advance their driving skills and improve safety on the road.

Our Advanced Driving Course is beneficial for all ages, it’s particularly relevant for young drivers, as it’s a great way to improve your driving skills. It is also a good addition to your CV.

Residents age 25 and under can apply for a full refund of the course fee on passing the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driving Test at the end of the course.

For full details of the course can be found on the Cheshire and Nantwich Advanced Drivers website

To check if you would be eligible for a refund before paying for a course, you can contact us by email at or by phone on 0845 862 4899.

Engage logoEngage

Driving is not just about being able to handle a car and deal with traffic it is about dealing with yourself when you have friends in your car; are late for appointments; are feeling tired and stressed. How do you as novice driver deal with this?

The process is simple, learner drivers will receive special tuition on issues such as peer pressure, tiredness, distraction, seat belts, medication, alcohol and drugs. Our specialist Engage instructors take part in targeted training to make sure they can provide the extra support young drivers need.

The Cheshire West and Chester Council Road Safety team have joined the North West Engage Programme to help young people not just to pass their test but to be better drivers.

More information and a list of registered Engage instructors can be found on the Engage Driving website.


Up to a third of all road crashes in any one year involve someone driving on company business. Smartdrive is a flexible course for companies and organisations run by the Road Safety Team. An hour long Smartdrive Driving Assessment can be arranged by the Road Safety Team by a qualified approved driver trainer – a charge is made for the assessment.

The two-hour theory workshop session encourages course members to take part in discussions and exercises on defensive driving techniques, hazard awareness and risk perception. An optional one-hour driving assessment can follow the workshop or be taken on a separate date.

Driving assessments are available for individual bookings by members of the public who would like to refresh their driving skills.

Road Skills Experience

Road Skills Experience Logo

The one-day Road Skills Experience is a mixture of discussion and practical driving designed for maximum benefit whilst having a great time. Working on a personal level, the course will provide the very latest hints, tips and advice on driving techniques for people under the age of 25 with a full driving licence. For further information email our roads skills experience team.

Minibus Driver Assessment Scheme

All drivers who wish to drive a minibus on behalf of the council must attend the Cheshire Minibus Driver Assessment Scheme (CMDAS), or a suitable alternative course. The CMDAS course comprises a briefing session and a practical driving assessment.

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