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Cheshire Constabulary is responsible for all moving traffic offences such as speeding, drink driving and the use of mobile phones. Cheshire Constabulary is a key partner in the Cheshire Road Safety Group and manages the enforcement activity at speed and red light camera sites. Local speed enforcement activity has a significant role in reducing casualties and assists the Community Speed Management initiative.

Cheshire West and Chester Council maintain close contact with Cheshire Constabulary to help deliver targeted enforcement programmes that contribute to the local casualty reduction strategy. Intelligence and information is shared to ensure consistency of approach and co-ordinate educational and enforcement campaigns. 

Speed and red light cameras

Speed and red light cameras, formally known as safety cameras, are managed through the partnership of Cheshire Road Safety Group (CRSG). Safety Cameras play a vital role within the CRSG and are installed at locations where people have been killed or seriously injured due to a driver going too fast or running a red light.

Further information

Further information on Cheshire Road Safety can be found on the Cheshire Road Safety Group website.

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