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Road safety in education

Two thirds of all fatal accidents involving children are a result of road collisions.  The only way we are going to have any impact on this is to educate from as early an age as possible. 

Where to find help

Upside down car with accident warning noticeSixth form education

Most young people want to drive. Unfortunately, young drivers are statistically more at risk of a road related car crash and injury.

We provide a programme which offers opportunities for experts to visit schools and pass on vital knowledge  that may well save lives, with minimal staff or planning time required.  

Cheers Bar

Safety officers with Cheers bar

The Cheers Bar initiative is a non-alcoholic bar that is set up in a recreation area set aside for the 6th Form. Students are encouraged into discussion about the strength of alcohol, the time the body takes to eliminate it from the blood stream and the pressures to drink and drive, drug use etc.

The Cheers Bar creates a space where informal relationships with the students can be developed so that messages about alcohol and drugs can be transferred. Impairment goggles are used to demonstrate the effect that alcohol and drugs have on perception.

Schools and voluntary groups

Let's Walk (years three and four)

Let's Walk is a child pedestrian training programme which aims to increase children's knowledge and understanding through practical experience and training, to prepare them to become independent road users.

Let's Bike (years five and six)

Let's Bike is an off-road cycle training course, similar to Level One of the national Bikeability scheme. It takes place on the school playground and is run by volunteer instructors from the school that are fully trained and supported by the Road Safety Team.

Junior safety officers (JSO's) 

A scheme, working in partnership with Cheshire Constabulary, involving year 6 children (usually two children plus an adult 'buddy') being appointed as JSO's for their school. Their job is to promote road, community and personal safety messages to their fellow pupils through reading out monthly bulletins, keeping a notice board and running competitions.

JSO's receive a guide full of supporting information, a badge and continued support from Road Safety Officers and staff from Cheshire Constabulary.  

Theatre in education (for secondary school)

Theatre in Education (TIE) engages students through emotions rather than purely information and facts. The Cheshire West and Chester Council Road Safety Team uses professional groups to deliver particular messages through school groups.

Subjects covered in the past include speed, alcohol and drugs, pedestrian safety and driver distractions. TIE productions often include a post performance discussion with the group to draw out and re-enforce the messages. Provision of TIE depends upon available funding.

School crossing patrols

We provide school crossing patrols (lollipop people) to help unaccompanied primary school-aged children cross busy roads on their way to and from school. We adhere to the nationally agreed criterion that there must be at least 15 unaccompanied children crossing each morning and afternoon in order to qualify for a patrol. Traffic flows and speeds are measured and local circumstances are assessed before a patrol can be provided.

To find out more about safer routes to school schemes and enquiries about how to start a scheme for your school:

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