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Asbestos, tyres, gas cylinders and bottles


Asbestos requires specialist processing and dealing with such a dangerous material at a public facility is difficult and expensive. From 1 April 2017, asbestos is no longer accepted at any recycling centre.

Before starting any work where asbestos may be present, consult local business directories to find a company licensed to remove and dispose of asbestos waste.  

Useful information and licensed contractors can be found by visiting the Health and Safety Executive website.

To search for a Cheshire based company, at the bottom of the page enter County in the search field and CHES in the second field. A list of asbestos licence holders within Cheshire will be displayed


Tyres need specialist recycling facilities so we do not accept tyres at any recycling centre.  Please contact a local tyre fitting company about disposal.

Gas cylinders

Gas cylinders are the property of the cylinder supplier and should be returned to them.

Gas bottles

It is important that you return your empty gas bottles to your supplier. If you are unable to do this ask a local supplier if they can take the bottle or refer you on to an official supplier who can.

Gas bottles cannot be recycled or put out with the black bin at the kerbside and they are not accepted at our recycling centres.

Empty gas bottles can be extremely dangerous if disposed of in your recycling, general waste bins or at the recycling centres and could explode or hurt someone.

Calor can exchange certain gas bottles for a Calor branded bottle. Further information regarding this can be found on the Calor website.

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