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Household waste recycling centres

You can now take your household waste to the recycling centre in a van, pickup or trailer. Usual trailer restrictions apply. 

Trade waste is not to be taken to the household waste recycling centres and can only be accepted at the trade waste recycling centre.

Important COVID-19 household waste recycling centre rules

  • Do not visit a site if you have COVID-19 symptoms or are in self-isolation. If you or anyone in your household has COVID-19 symptoms, double bag the waste and keep it at home for 72 hours before disposal
  • if there are queues to get onto the site we will operate a one car off, one car on system
  • respect the strict two-metre distancing rule around staff and other site users
  • only visit the recycling centre if it is absolutely necessary i.e. if bulky items stored at home represent a health and safety risk
  • trade waste is not accepted at the household waste recycling centre
  • no pedestrian access. Do not walk onto the site
  • site employees will not be able to assist with unloading your vehicle due to social distancing. Please make sure you are able to lift items and carry them to a skip safely yourself or bring another member of your household with you to help
  • put your waste in the correct skip, do not mix waste or fly tip
  • anyone using abusive language or intimidating behaviour towards site staff or other site visitors will be asked to leave.

Make your visit to the recycling centre easier

  • long delays and queues are likely. Please assess if your journey really is essential
  • the number of vehicles allowed on site at any one time will be restricted due to social distancing, and queuing times will be significantly higher. So please assess if your journey really is essential
  • waste must be separated before travelling to the site
  • please wear gloves if possible to reduce the risk of infections.

Safety and restrictions

  • we do not accept asbestos, gas cylinders or tyres
  • trailers over 3.5m in length (length measured from A frame connection to the rear of the trailer) are not permitted
  • vehicles 3.5 tonnes and above gross vehicle weight are not permitted
  • you cannot take waste onto the site by foot.

Open from Tuesday 12 May

  • Monday to Friday, 8am until 8pm
  • Saturday and Sunday, 8am until 6pm

The queue for the recycling centre will be via the A54 in the direction from Winsford town centre. A representative will be monitoring the dual carriageway, keeping the junctions of the roundabout clear and directing traffic to end of the official queue to use the site. Please stay in the left hand lane for access to the recycling centre. Queues for this site are highly likely so please take notice of the queuing times along the route. Please follow signage. Traffic management provision will be in place up to and including Friday 5 June.

Winsford recycling centre is on a small industrial estate. Please be considerate to other businesses that require access to their premises.

Your questions answered

Following updated Government guidance we have put in practical arrangements and sites have been opened.

We are following Government and industry guidance and has worked with our contractors, HW Martins, to agree the best approach based on local conditions within agreed safety guidelines. Your safety, along with protecting our staff, is our first priority and all site users are expected to follow the rules published above.

This is to follow the Government guidelines of social distancing, and to ensure that users and employees keep a safe distance of two metres where possible.

Staff will be at the entrance to the site to check what you are disposing of and advise you of the site rules and when you are able to enter. Please pay attention to container signs and only put your waste in the correct container. Please do not use containers that have a barrier or signage saying ‘not in use’. Please remember to wear gloves where possible and wash your hands or use hand sanitiser when you leave the site.

The two metre social distancing rules will be strictly enforced and operatives cannot assist the public at this time. You can bring someone from your household to help you put your waste in the appropriate skip. Do not bring any waste to site that you cannot safely unload and place in the appropriate skip. Alternatively, you can organise a bulky waste collection from your home.

Remember that visits to the site are only for items that stored at home can cause a health and safety risk such as injury, illness or harm to the household then the trip is essential.

The site is operating under a one-in-one-out system. Therefore, it is expected that there will be significant delays. If you must visit, please be patient; we appreciate the wait could be frustrating but be assured that staff are working hard in difficult conditions to get you through as quickly and as safely as they can.

Only Neston site operates a 'permit access' only service. Please make sure that if you are visiting Neston your permit is displayed in your car window.

Apply for a permit

You can easily arrange a bulky collection so that you do not have to visit a recycling centre.

Bulky waste collection

For a limited period we are restricting charity site users to cars only. This is to assist with managing traffic levels and how quickly vehicles can be unloaded. This means that no vans or trailers will have access to the site.

Please display your permit on arrival.

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