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Secure email

Egress Switch allows us to send sensitive and confidential information securely to customers via email.

Egress Switch is easy to set up and free to use. When you register with Egress to access the emails sent by us you become a 'free user'. Being a free user allows you to use Egress secure email for your own personal use, ie to create, send or receive emails not related to communication with us. Where Egress state they may use your personal data for other purposes, the data they would use is purely the registration information, and we are satisfied that use by Egress of the information you provide is proportionate to the benefit of your personal data being encrypted in communications with us.

Set up your Egress Switch account

If you choose to use the services of Egress outside of the communication with us, you will be subject to the privacy notice and terms and conditions of Egress.

If you prefer to use standard email, you should be aware that this is not a completely secure means of communication and there is a risk of possible interception when sending emails over the internet.

If you receive an email from us through Egress Switch, and would prefer to receive it un-secured, please contact the sender confirming your acceptance of this risk and we will re-send the message by standard email.

It would be preferable, and in keeping with our policy, if you would agree to use the secure solution and access email via Egress. This will protect your personal details and reduce the risk of inappropriate access or disclosure.

Accessing older emails

Once encrypted emails are 90 days old an alternative method is needed to access the content.

  • save the attachment from the email you received to your computer
  • sign in on the Egress website
  • choose the option to upload a .switch file
  • locate the attachment you saved to your computer and open it
  • your encrypted email will be displayed

Egress Switch App on smart phones

You can download Egress Switch via an app on your smart phone. Once you have registered, the app will ask for your permission to access your contacts and photographs on your phone. You can choose to accept or reject this request.

Need help using Egress?

Egress support website