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Honorary Alderman of the Borough

The Council may bestow the title of Honorary Alderman of Cheshire West and Cheshire Council to Councillors who have served a minimum of twelve years service and /or service as Leader of the Council or Chairman of the Council. Service on the former Cheshire County, City of Chester, Ellesmere Port and Neston Borough and Vale Royal Borough Councils is taken into account when calculating years of service.

Whilst the award of Honorary Alderman/Alderwomen of the Borough does not convey with it any legal rights or responsibilities, Honorary Aldermen/Alderwomen attend civic ceremonial events.

Since 2009 the Council has awarded the title of Honorary Alderman to the below Councillors:

Recipient Year title awarded
Board, Keith  2023
Dixon, Sam 2023
Fifield, Charles  2023
Houlbrook, Jill 2023
Leather, John 2023
Meardon, Nicole 2023
Riley, Lynn 2023
Roberts, Dianne 2023
Sullivan, Neil 2023
Weltman, Helen 2023
Dawson, Andrew 2020
Williams, Andy 2020
Anderson Gareth 2019
Beckett Don 2019
Booher Pam 2019
Claydon Angela 2019
Crowe Brian 2019
Hall Pamela 2019
Henesy Mark 2019
Johnson Eleanor 2019
Lawrenson Tony 2019
McKie Alan 2019
Mercer Jane 2019
Merrick Pat 2019
Nelson Marie 2019
Oultram Ralph 2019
Sherlock Tony 2019
Clarke Brian 2019
Jones, Reggie 2017
Butcher, Keith 2015
Byram, Malcolm 2015
Crompton, Bob 2015
Ford, Les 2015
Grimshaw, John 2015
Madders, Justin 2015
Manley, Herbert 2015
Thompson, Robert 2015
Bailey, Brian 2012
Ebo, John 2012
Gaskill, Malcolm 2012
Needham, Andrew 2012
Ritchie, Neil 2012
Roberts, Barbara 2012
Short, Richard 2012