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How was the Play Strategy produced

The strategy was drawn up following wide consultation with all interested parties. This included:

  • Stakeholder workshops (an initial borough-wide workshop and four Locality based sessions)
  • Surveys of children and young people
  • Surveys of town and parish councils 
  • Surveys of local play and youth organisations
  • Interviews and engagement with key stakeholders (Council and external partners)

The process involved: 

  • A detailed audit and mapping of all play areas and youth facilities across the Borough.
  • An extensive programme of consultation and community involvement.
  • Showing how the strategy supports the delivery of wider local and national aims.
  • Developing local policy for play.
  • Analysing the supply of and need for play spaces and youth facilities.
  • Developing roles for all partners to maximise the benefits of potential play area and youth facility improvements.
  • Providing advice and guidance on good practice, quality and funding.
  • Producing detailed Action Plans so that we turn words into action.
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