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Our priorities

Using the best available information, and knowledge of local need we have set out the following priorities and outcomes, and how we will achieve these:

Measuring our success

Suggested indicators include

  1. Preventative indicators:
    • Decrease in the percentage of adults that smoke
    • Increase in the level of physical activity in adults
    • Decrease in the rate of alcohol related admissions to hospital
    • Decrease in excess weight in adults
    • Decrease in the prevalence of depression
  1. Increase in the dementia diagnosis rate
  2. Proportion of adult carers who have as much social contact as they would like
  3. Carer- reported quality of life score
  4. Proportion of carers who are satisfied with the services they and the person they care for have received from Adult Social Care in the last 12 months
  5. Number of health and social care professionals directly involved in providing dementia care who are trained to at least Tier 2 of the Dementia Training Standards Framework
  6. Number of people receiving an annual dementia review
  7. Number of Dementia Friends trained across the borough
  8. Number of Dementia Friendly Communities