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How to vote

Voters with disabilities

All voters have the right to vote independently and in secret.

Any person who is registered to vote or who has been officially appointed as a proxy voter cannot be refused a ballot paper or the opportunity to vote on the grounds of mental or physical incapacity

Accessing the polling stations

  • All of our polling stations are subject to an accessibility audit
  • All polling stations can be accessed with a wheelchair

Voting with visual difficulties

  • A tactile voting device will be available to assist voters with visual difficulties
  • A large print version of the ballot paper is available as a guide
  • Magnifying glasses are available for voters


  • You may bring a person into the polling booth to assist you with voting
  • For legal purposes we will need to record the name of the person assisting
  • A member of staff at the polling station can also assist you upon request

Proxy and postal votes

  • You can request a postal vote if you would prefer to vote from home
  • If you would like somebody else to attend the polling station and vote for you, you can request a proxy vote
  • Request a postal or proxy vote

Further guidance

The Electoral Commission and other agencies have additional guidance: