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National food hygiene scheme for businesses

This page explains the safeguards that are in place for businesses under the National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.

Get 5 logoIf you are not happy with the score you have been awarded, you can appeal or request a re-visit. 

If you require advice on how to fully comply with food safety and hygiene law and to provide the best opportunity of gaining the highest award you can book a two hour GET5 food advisory visit at £175. This will be undertaken by a qualified food safety officer and will provide the necessary guidance to assist you in achieving that higher award. 

Request a re-visit

If you make the improvements to hygiene standards that are highlighted in your inspection report, you can request a re-visit(s) with a view to giving you a new and higher food hygiene rating. There will be a charge of £150 for each re-visit carried out at your request. The re-visit will be carried out within three months of receipt of your application and payment. Please note that this re-visit will be unannounced and depending on the level of compliance found the food hygiene rating score could go up, down or remain the same. You should, therefore, only make the application when you are totally satisfied that any contravention(s) brought to your attention have been addressed and the premises and food safety procedures are in full compliance with the Regulations.

Right to reply

This lets you explain to potential customers any actions that you have taken after your inspection to improve hygiene standards at your premises or to say if there were unusual circumstances at the time of the inspection that might have affected your food hygiene rating.

Appeal procedure

Following a hygiene inspection of your premises by a food safety officer you will be told in writing within 14 days what your food hygiene rating is. If you think that the rating is wrong or unfair you can appeal against this. You have 21 days (including weekends and bank holidays) from the date of receipt of the notification letter to lodge an appeal.

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