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Shared Prosperity Fund

The Council has been awarded £12.6m from the Government's Shared Prosperity Fund. The funding is over the next three years, with £1.5m to be used for Multiply, the Government's adult numeracy programme.

The UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) is part of the Government's Levelling Up agenda, providing support for places across the UK. The national £2.6 billion funding is for local investments by March 2025.

The funding is aimed at investing in local priorities and targeting funding where it is needed most to increase pride in places, support high quality skills training, support pay, employment and productivity growth and increasing life chances. It replaces the funding that was previously available from the European Union.


The Council hosted a webinar to help you better understand the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF):

UKSPF webinar - 26 May 2022

You can also read the full guidance from Government:

GOV.UK: UK Shared Prosperity Fund: interventions, outputs and indicators

Further events

  • Monday 20 June, 12noon: Culture Roundtable for the UK Shared Prosperity Fund

To attend this Teams session, please email:


Communities and place

Investments that help to build local pride, this could be community buildings, local green spaces and community led projects.

This funding will be aimed at projects that promote healthy and safe neighbourhoods, the investments should improve the quality of places that people want to live, work, play and learn in, through targeted improvements to the built and natural environment and reducing crime.

Supporting local business

Creating jobs and boosting communities with investments that build on existing industries and institutions. This could be support for starting businesses or improvements to local retail, hospitality, and leisure facilities.

Supporting small and medium-sized businesses to innovate and adopt productivity-enhancing, energy efficient and low carbon technologies and techniques, and start or grow their exports.

People and skills

The funding will focus on communities and place and local business alongside support for people through the Multiply adult numeracy programme.

Adults who don't already have a GCSE grade C/4 or higher in Maths will be able to access free courses that fit around their lives, in person or online, at work or in the evening, part time or intensive.

Employers will have the opportunity to increase their workforce's skills to deliver Maths GCSEs or work-ready Functional Skills Qualifications and design and deliver bespoke programmes for their workforce at no cost to them.

GOV.UK: Mulitply (PDF)

Investment plans

The Council will produce two investment plans working with the West Cheshire Anchor Network. The Investment Plan for Multiply is required by the 30 June and the Investment Plan for the Shared Prosperity Fund is required by the 1 August 2022 showing the intended uses.


  • May Stakeholder meetings to discuss project priorities
  • End of May Sub-regional and cross-border discussions
  • 30 June Submission deadline for Multiply Investment Plan
  • 1 August Submission deadline for Shared Prosperity Fund Plan Investment Plan

Further information

If you have any questions about the fund please email:

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