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Invoicing and Purchase Orders

How we place orders with our suppliers

Before a supplier provides us with any goods and/or services an official Purchase Order (PO) must be received. This PO is a commitment by us to spend the value with a supplier; the PO number must be quoted on all invoices presented to us, if no PO no is quoted the invoice will be returned unpaid.

The addresses for both the delivery of the supplies/services and the receipt of invoices are clearly shown on the Purchase Order.

How we pay our suppliers

The standard payment terms for us are 30 days from receipt of a correct invoice. To ensure that payment is dealt with efficiently and to avoid delays we ask that the invoice:

  • quotes a valid Purchase Order (PO) number
  • be submitted to the address quoted on the order
  • adds up correctly, particularly the VAT amount
  • includes as much information as possible about what the payment is for
  • only includes requests for payment of supplied goods, services or works.

We make payment by BACS in order to ensure that the payment in credited directly into the contractors/suppliers bank account.

Any invoice that does not quote a valid PO number will be returned, unpaid to the supplier.