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Social Value portal - dos and don'ts for bidders

Bidders need to ensure that they read these instructions before submitting a Social Value offer. Please ensure that your Social Value offers are made in relation to this contract only and do not take into account other social value initiatives being delivered elsewhere by your organisation.

Useful terms/abbreviations

  • FTE: Full time equivalent
  • LTU: Long term unemployed person
  • MSMEs: Micro small and medium enterprise
  • NEETs: Not in education, employment or training (applies for young people)
  • VCSEs: Voluntary community and social enterprise

Please note: Bidders are encouraged to raise a clarification question through our Tendering Portal if they are unsure of any detail in this process. This will give us the opportunity to clarify the requirements to all participating suppliers.

Submitting a good Social Value offer

To submit a good Social Value offer, you need to make sure that you: