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Register a birth


The birth of your child should be registered within 42 days. It is necessary to make an appointment to register a birth. You can book an appointment to register a birth online. Your appointment will take around 20 minutes and there is no charge to register.

It is not essential to bring any documents with you to the appointment. However, it is helpful if parents provide at least one document from the list below to ensure that the registration is completed accurately and to reduce future corrections (which can be inconvenient and costly for you).

  • Passport
  • Driving licence
  • Council tax bill
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage/civil partnership certificate
  • Utility bill

It would be useful to bring the red birth book if you were issued with one by the hospital.

Book an appointment to register a birth


Birth certificates

The registrar will give you a free short birth certificate showing the baby’s name, sex and date of birth. However, for most legal purposes you will need a full birth certificate. A full birth certificate (or an additional short certificate) costs £4 if bought at the time of registration. 

You can order certificates at a later date, the fee will be either £7 or £10.

Birth Declaration

Births are usually registered in the district where the birth occurred. However, it is possible to give a declaration of particulars at any register office in England and Wales. The details will be sent to the appropriate register office and after a short delay your child’s certificate will be sent to you.

Naming Ceremony

We would be happy to help you celebrate the arrival of your new family member with a naming ceremony. Our friendly and experienced celebrants can conduct the ceremony for you.

Further information about registering a birth

More information about registering a birth, how to add a parent’s details to a birth entry and how to re-register following parent’s marriage can be found on the website.

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