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Register a death

You will need to make an appointment to register a death in Cheshire West and Chester. You normally need to register a death within five days. If the coroner is involved it may take longer. 

Please note: Due to a change in the law the cost of certificates have changed from 16 February 2019. All standard certificates will cost £11 each.

Book an appointment

There is no charge to register a death, an appointment will take around half an hour and can be booked at any of our offices.

In line with government advice death registrations will now be completed over the phone until further notice, please contact 0300 123 7037 to make your appointment.

To help ensure the accuracy of the information recorded, it is useful to have the correct details ready before your appointment. Please use the following document as guidance:

To help ensure the accuracy of the information recorded in the register and reduce future corrections, it is useful to bring the following identity documents for the deceased person if you have them.

  • Birth certificate or passport.
  • Driving licence.
  • Marriage or civil partnership certificate.

If you do not have these documents the registrar can still proceed with the registration.

Death certificates

The registrar will give you:

  • A certificate for burial or cremation
  • A certificate of registration of death

If you want a death certificate (certified copy of death entry) you can buy this from the Registrar at the time for £11 each.

Who should register a death

Most deaths are registered by a relative. In some cases other people may be able to register.

This includes:

  • a person present at the death
  • a person making arrangements with the funeral directors
  • an administrator from the hospital or elderly person’s home.

Registering by declaration

A death is normally registered in the area where it occurred. If this is not convenient it may be possible to attend a register office elsewhere in England and Wales.  However this may lead to a delay in receiving any documents for the funeral.

Further information

Further information is available on the Gov.UK website.

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