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Whistleblowing is a procedure which enables anyone, whether an employee or not, to express any concerns they have about illegal or illegitimate practices involving the Council.

You can raise your concerns without fear of victimisation, discrimination or disadvantage.

Raising a concern

You can raise your concern in several ways:

Please give as much information as possible:

  • Background information
  • Explain why you are concerned and what you are concerned about
  • The names of the employee / Members involved and their place of work (if applicable)
  • The dates / periods of time relating to the matter
  • The names and positions held of any other employees / Members who may support your concern

How will my whistleblowing complaint be dealt with

All complaints are confidential and will be treated sensitively. We will channel complaints to the most appropriate officer and will keep you informed of who is dealing with the complaint and how.

You will not be given any copies of investigative reports or audits, but we may advise you informally of the conclusions of the investigation.

Not all complaints will warrant a full investigation as it may be that the matter can be resolved informally because the information has been misinterpreted.

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