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Difficulty paying invoices

Our Corporate Debt Team are responsible for securing payment of all invoices (sundry debt) sent out by us. Around 56,000 invoices are issued to our customers every year.

If you do struggle to pay bills on time, advice is available to help you manage your finances. More information can be found on our money and debt advice page, or call: 0808 178 0989. 

Miscellaneous invoices

Invoice payment are due 28 days from the date shown on the invoice, or 21 days for Adult Social Care billing. If you are unable to pay an invoice and want to consider a payment plan you will need to complete our Income and Expenditure form:

Request a payment plan

Please note: this will only be applicable to individual/overdue invoices. This option is only available for historic invoices where individuals are struggling to pay the charge in full. If you are a company, the expectation is that charges should be paid in full, however if you wish to discuss the matter please contact us.

If the content of an invoice is incorrect, you will need to contact the department that sent it to you, their details are given on the top right-hand side of the invoice, along with a contact phone number

Reminder letters

We will send a reminder notice if the invoice is not paid. This includes failing to make a payment on your instalments or a one-off payment.

If you receive a reminder letter you should contact us as soon as possible to arrange to pay the overdue amount. If the invoice remains unpaid and no explanation is received, our Legal Department may be instructed to commence Court proceedings, or alternatively your file could be passed to an external Debt Collection Agency for recovery.

Copy invoices

If you need a copy of the invoice please contact us via our enquiry form.

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