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Court summons

How can I stop the process?

If you make payment in full before the court date including the costs, we will not apply for a liability order at the hearing.

Payments can be made by one of the following options:


Make a payment

Post office/Pay Point

At any post office or Pay point outlet (at least two working days before the court date).


  • Phone: 0300 1237029
Make an offer of repayment

What if I can't pay in full before the court date?

Arrangements can be made with us to clear the balance by instalments. We still obtain a liability order however whilst there is a balance to pay. No further action will be taken as long as you pay as agreed. You can submit an offer of payment online.

You can request a special payment arrangement to make an offer of payment.

Please note this is only for a single summonses debt, if you have arrears over multiple years you will need to complete our income and expenditure form.

Request a special payment arrangement