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Where to find help if you are a young person

You may be in a relationship that doesn’t feel quite right. Abuse in relationships can happen to anyone regardless of age, gender or family situations. It can happen to boys as well as teenagers in same sex relationships.

You can find more information about teenage relationship abuse on the local safeguarding children board website.

Youth groups

You can visit one of our youth groups for advice and support. Young people age 13 to 19 years (up to 25 years if Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) are welcome. The youth provisions offer:

  • somewhere to go, something to do, someone to talk to
  • support, advice and guidance on issues affecting young people
  • early help and prevention issue based projects
  • C card Condom distribution scheme
  • participatory projects i.e. Youth Senate

For further information please visit the Youth Service webpage.

Domestic Abuse Intervention and Prevention Team

If you are 16 or over you can contact the Domestic Abuse Intervention and Prevention Team. They offer a confidential service for male and females. Visit the Domestic Abuse Intervention and Prevention Service webpages for more information.

If you are worried your Mum, Dad or an adult who looks after you is experiencing abuse you can find lots of information to help you on the where to find help if you are a child webpage.