Education welfare service

School absence fines

Parents have a legal duty to make sure that their child aged 5 to 16 attends school. If your child has unauthorised or irregular attendance then the school will notify us and we will either issue you with a warning or a fine (fixed penalty notice).

Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN)

We are responsible for issuing FPN's on behalf of your child's school. When we issue a notice we give you the option to pay the fine instead of being prosecuted.

The amount of the fine is £60 per parent/carer if paid within 21 days. If this is over the 21 days the fine increases to £120 per parent/carer. You will still need to pay within 28 days.

Make a payment

What happens next?

Once you have made the payment this will be sent to the team and the case will be closed.

What happens if I don't pay?

If you don't pay the penalty you may be prosecuted for the offence of failing to ensure your child's attendance at school.

You will receive further details from our legal team to confirm the intended prosecution, including details of scheduled court hearings. In this event you will be advised to seek independent legal advice.

Code of Conduct

Fixed penalty notices unauthorised leave of absence (PDF, 155KB)
Fixed penalty notices irregular attendance (PDF, 153KB)