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Policies and further information

It is important that you read through the policies before applying for travel assistance.

A summary of the eligibility criteria is stated online:

Will you qualify?

More details can be found in the policies below:

Privacy notice

This will give you further information about how we will use the data you provide and your rights under the Data Protection Act 1998. More information can be found on our privacy notice.

Post 16 Home to Education Establishment Travel Assistance policy

This policy includes information about the different offers of travel assistance each college or sixth form has.

Behaviour guidelines

This provides a set of expectations for everyone that is involved in the travel assistance. It also provides examples of consequences or sanctions for inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour on a vehicle.

This policy is currently being updated and will be available as soon as possible.

The safety of walking routes

Further information can be found on the Road Safety GB website.

Road Safety GB website

Eligibility and suitability appeals

Code of conduct

This outlines what we expect from drivers and passenger assistants who transport children and adults on behalf of us.

Sustainable school travel strategy 

In response to new legislation (The Education and Inspection Act 2006) all Local Authorities are required to develop and promote a sustainable school travel strategy. Our aim with their strategy is to encourage healthier, greener and safer ways of travel to school by:

  • encouraging every school to develop a travel plan
  • aiming to reduce car journeys to educational establishments, improve child road safety, child health and the quality of the local environment
  • promoting the use of sustainable modes of travel for school related journeys
  • working with schools and other educational establishments to promote walking and cycling by providing free training programmes, a walking bus, and a parent parking charter programme to prevent inconsiderate parking around the school gate

Information for students and parents/carers about sustainable ways of travelling to school is available on our initiatives page.

The travel to school strategy is produced annually and is currently under review.