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ECO flexibility guidance for householders

ECO-Flex scheme is run by private companies (Agents and Installers) and the funding for the improvements is awarded by the energy companies. We have limited involvement and are not responsible for issuing the funding, appointing contractors or installing the works.

Funding is only available for private owner occupiers and private rented tenants. 

Agents and Installers

A number of agents/installers are currently operating in Cheshire West and Chester Borough and are contacting householders using a variety of methods. We strongly recommend that you check that adequate proof of identification is provided by any Agent/ Installer in all circumstances.

We are not in a position to endorse or recommend a particular Agent/ Installer, but would advise that you seek independent advice to ensure that you are being offered the best deal.  

We charge an initial set-up administration fee of £100 +VAT for each new Agent or Installer wishing to take part in the ECO Flexible programme. This charge covers registration, checking, processing and obtaining approval to proceed from us. This cost is paid by the Agents/Installers and not by you. In no circumstances can the agent ask you to pay this charge. 

Am I eligible?

Applicants must be living in fuel poverty or are vulnerable to the effects of living in a cold home, and live in a property with an EPC certificate of E, F or G or score highly on the application form if they don’t have an EPC.

Householders will be asked to complete and sign a short application form that is submitted to us for determining eligibility.  

The application form must be returned to the agent who will submit the application on your behalf. The form MUST NOT be directly sent to us by the householder. 

Once we have confirmed the eligibility, the agent will then need to pass this to an energy company, together with proof that the client lives at the property (e.g. a household bill) and proof of ownership.

Who will make the decision?

The decision on whether you receive any support will be made by the energy company. A signed Declaration by us will not guarantee the installation of any improvements as the final decision will be with the energy company. 

What if I am eligible?

Eligible householders who are interested in receiving energy efficiency improvements can choose an installer of their choice (this will be more time consuming as the installer may not currently be set up to transfer data to us).

Or alternatively request a list of Agents / Installers who will check for eligibility to the scheme and arrange for a survey of the property to be carried out, looking at such things as the age of the boiler, existing insulation measures in place and the number and size of the rooms. If the property is rented, you must have the permission of your landlord.  

What happens next?

If the agent has been given permission to undertake works, they will need a quote from an installer to find out how much it will cost. 

If the cost of installation is below the cost of the offer by the energy company, the work will go ahead free of charge. If not, you may be required to make a financial contribution that the agent will advise on.

Please note: You are under no obligation to proceed with the installation at this stage. If a financial contribution is required by the householder, there may be grants or loans to assist with this. Please see our Home Energy webpage for advice on this.

What happens once an offer is made?

Once the agent makes a firm offer to you they will order the materials and/or arrange a contractor and book a date to undertake the improvement works. 

What happens once the work has been completed?

Following completion of works, Agents/ Installer must leave details of any guarantees/ warranties and any associated paperwork with you.    

General enquires

For further information contact us by emailing


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