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Property and deferred payments


The value of your property and/or land may be counted as capital and taken into account when calculating your care charges. Your individual circumstances will be discussed as part of the financial assessment. The value of any property/land is usually taken into account 12 weeks from the date that we agreed to fund your long term residential or nursing care placement. These 12 weeks are called the “property disregard” period.

The value of your normal home may be ignored if it was occupied, as your partner/relatives main home - the relative must be aged over 60 or incapacitated or a child under 16 for whom you are responsible for. There are other circumstances where the value of your property may be disregarded, and the Assessment Officer will be able to explain this.

What happens if I choose to pay the care home direct?

The contract that we have with the home for the first 12 weeks (the property disregard period) will be terminated and you will be expected to enter into a private arrangement to pay the care home once this period ends.