Charges and costs for support

Personal budgets and direct payments

A personal budget is the amount of money that will fund your care and support. It is calculated by assessing a person's needs and is spent in-line with a support plan that has been agreed between you and the Council.


If the Care Act assessment determines you as eligible for help and support from the Council, you may be offered a personal budget, depending on your financial assessment.

Personal budgets

A personal budget may be in the form of a direct payment, held directly by you or by a suitable person, and managed by the Council in line with your wishes.

It can also be an account placed with a third party (provider) and accessed by you in direct negotiation with the provider or as a mixture of the above.

Direct payments

Direct payments are cash payments that you can receive instead of the Council arranging services for you. Having a direct payment gives you more control.

You could use your direct payment to pay someone (a personal assistant) to provide assistance on days and times that suit you, purchase support to meet your identified social care outcomes, access activities such as the theatre, swimming pool or a day out somewhere, or pay to go on a short break if you, or your carer, needs a rest.