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Support after being unwell

Short-term support

Sometimes we need a little extra help and care. This can be because of falling or tripping, going into hospital or because of a general decrease in our mobility and wellbeing. When this happens, there are several short-term solutions which can help you to regain as much independence as possible.

Leaving hospital

Patients, their families and carers may be offered various services to help make discharge from hospital quicker and safer. Patients and/or their carers may request a referral to the Hospital Social Work team for an assessment. Some of the services that may be provided are listed below.


  • Reablement - adult social care support can be provided in someone's own home for up to six weeks to enable them to recover and regain their independence following a period of illness or significant deterioration.
  • An Occupational Therapist may assess your ability to undertake daily tasks and give advice on how you can maintain and improve your independence. They may also provide aids and adaptations to support you to live independently in your home, dependent on an assessment.
  • Community Support Centres - offering respite, short-term support, usually on a temporary basis, to help you regain your daily living skills and return home.

For more information contact the Cheshire West Community Access Team

  • Telephone: 0300 123 7034.

If you have sensory loss, contact the Deafness Support Network

  • Telephone: 0333 220 5050

Rapid Response Service

The Rapid Response Team is based at the Countess of Chester Hospital and is a team of Community Support Workers, Nurses, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists. The service aims to facilitate prompt and early supported discharges from hospital to reduce the length of your stay and to prevent unnecessary hospital admissions from the accident and emergency department.

These aims are met through specialist nursing and therapy assessments. If necessary, a team can provide care and rehabilitation within your home for a maximum of six weeks.

Your individual needs will be continually assessed in your home and the level of support will be adjusted as your independence and confidence increases. If your agreed goals are met during the six weeks, you will be discharged from the service. If it is identified that ongoing care is required, a referral to social services will be completed.

For more information, contact the Rapid Response Team

  • Telephone: 01244 365240

The Home from Hospital Service - The British Red Cross

The British Red Cross offers supported hospital discharge for people from the Countess of Chester Hospital, plus a follow-up telephone call at four weeks to check you are safe and well.

The team are available to take referrals from Monday to Friday via a dedicated phone number and email address. Volunteers and staff are available for pre-arranged visits or to provide transport. There is also provision for out of hours emergency calls.

For more information contact the British Red Cross

  • Telephone: 01565 650201