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Cheshire West and Chester Council has an important role to play in ensuring that its residents can lead fulfilling lives as independently as possible.

We recognise, however, that many people need help to lead full and independent lives, so part of our work is to ensure there is an effective, flexible and responsive high quality social care provision.

Stimulating and shaping the market is part of our job to ensure that people have access to support which is tailored to their needs. Therefore, we produced a market position statement to explain the likely demand for the types of services which will be required in future. 

Where to find help

Provider Forum

The forum provides all those involved in the delivery of services in Cheshire West and Chester an opportunity to share best practice, build on working relationships and develop innovative new ways of providing services. Those not currently providing these services, but with an interest in doing so, are also welcome to attend the forum.

Currently we are hosting the following provider forums:

  • Joint residential and nursing care
  • Learning disability and community based care
  • Housing related support
  • Care at home
  • Early intervention and prevention (under development)

Further information 


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