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Stories from care leavers in West Cheshire

Louise’s Story

Louise first came into care when she was 14-years-old and was placed with foster carers. At the time she entered care, her school attendance was less than 50%, however, she soon had 100% attendance.

Louise was supported by her school, foster carer and social worker to catch up on the opportunities she had missed in early life, in respect of her education, and was able to complete her GCSEs gaining outstanding grades. She progressed to do her A levels, something she never believed was possible.

Whilst studying for her A levels, Louise was informed about her future choices and decided to progress to University. Louise was also supported by The University of Liverpool’s Graduate Student Support Service, which began whilst she was studying her A levels. She is now awaiting her A level results and plans on attending the university to study Mathematics.

By developing her confidence during her time in her foster care, and feeling supported to be an independent young woman, Louise has made the choice to move into her own flat. She has felt empowered to do this by the nurturing environment provided to her. She has been able to make this decision knowing that she will continue to be supported by her personal advisor until she is 25-years-old.

Louise is looking forward to attending university, spending time in her own home and has a bright future ahead of her.

Tom’s Story

Tom came into care when he was 11-years-old and was placed with his foster carers. With the support of his carers, he completed his education gaining some GCSEs. Tom did not wish to remain at school and chose to complete a course in a local college instead. He enjoyed this and developed some lasting friendships along with a love for music, playing on his games consoles and keeping fit.

Tom decided he wanted to remain with his foster carers and did not feel ready to live independently when he was 18-years-old. He was supported by his personal advisor to remain in his home with his foster carers under a ‘staying put’ agreement which continued to be funded by children’s services.

This gave Tom the opportunity to develop his independent living skills, grow and mature. Tom completed his college course and passed! He was then supported by college staff, his carer and his personal advisor to look at apprenticeships. Tom gained an apprenticeship with Brio Leisure which he has continued to enjoy and succeed in.

Tom’s confidence has grown in all areas of his life. He is looking at moving into his own home next year, and his carers are committed to continuing to supporting him with his personal advisor during this transition to period.

Tom has become a valuable member of his community, working in the local leisure centre and residing in the area. Tom is a likable young man who, with the support of his carer and personal advisor, has been able to develop a good natural network of support. He has a bright future ahead of him.