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Empty homes


We wish to encourage the owners of empty properties to bring them back into use to help meet housing demand. We have devised an empty homes strategy which not only sets out our strategic priorities but also explains how we will bring 1,000 long-term empty homes back into use over the next five years.

How does a home become empty?

We understand that homes become empty for a variety of different reasons, including the following;

  • Owner has gone into care
  • Owner has passed away
  • Repossession
  • Fire/flood
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Awaiting planning consent and or demolition
  • Tenant leaves or is evicted
  • Prohibition order

Why do they remain empty?

The main reasons for properties remaining empty

  • Lack of funds to carry out any necessary repairs/renovation
  • Owner has health issues, which hinder or stop renovation work
  • Property investors waiting for the right time to renovate and sell or let
  • Family disputes such as inheritance or divorce
  • Waiting for probate to be granted (or applied for)
  • Finding tradespeople to conduct the work
  • Property is being used to store possessions (i.e. hoarding)